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The National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training Program (L12/L32) was built on the concept that the longer first responders remain on a traffic incident scene, the greater risk they, and the traveling public, face. In 2012, the U.S. Fire Administration reported seven struck-by deaths among firefighters. Traffic incidents are the number one cause of death for EMS/EMTs and for law enforcement officers. The TIM responder training program addresses the need for collaboration amount incident responders. The training promotes 3 major goals: responder safety, safe, quick clearance, and prompt, reliable, and interoperable communications.

Train the Trainer

A Train the Trainer (TtT) program is also available to provide local trainers with the skills, knowledge and materials necessary to deliver TIM within their state or region. If you are interested in attending a TtT, please contact the IAFC at


The training is built for law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency medical services, transportation agencies, towing and recovers professionals, notification and dispatch personnel, HazMat responders, coroners and medical examiners, public works, and the public.

Training Delivery

FHWA has built a number of training options for localities to use, based upon their needs and capacities. The training relies on interactive seminars, case study analysis, tabletop role-play and scenarios, and field workshops. TIM training is available in multiple formats reflective of time and resource constraints of today’s first responders.

  • 10 Hour Intensive: This course includes classroom training, plus hands-on and outdoor activities.
  • Four Hour Condensed: This is a condensed version of the 10 hour training course.
  • Modules: This version allows responders to take training as their scheduled allow.

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